Social Media

When I started blogging in 2016, I quickly realized I needed to develop an audience. I’m a big believer in that if you’re creating content and not promoting fo anyone to see, then what’s the point?


Twitter was/is the best platform to promote my CFL content, so I created a second account: @nik_kowalski. My first account, @NWally_, has some good content too but I abandoned it to brand myself on a single account.

My Twitter Highlights

Since creating my Twitter in May 2016, I’ve:
– gained over 1,100 followers, developing my own audience.
– averaged over 290,000 impressions per month during the 2019 CFL season (June–November) and over 270,000 per month since (December–present day).
– created my own content, such as Nik’s Picks and a CFL March Madness bracket.
– managed a second Twitter account (@LastWordOnCFL).

Facebook and Instagram

I also promote my work on Facebook and Instagram, two important platforms where I share more multimedia work on my own pages and in groups. My Facebook is my name, and my Instagram is @nik.kowalski.

My Facebook and Instagram Highlights

Tik Tok

And of course, I’m on Tik Tok. My feed’s a mix of me filming stupid things and cool photos of sports games and dogs, you’ll probably like the latter. Peep (TikTok slang, trust me) @nik_kowalski.