Nik’s Picks

Since 2016 I’ve been doing a weekly Nik’s Picks article, giving out free advice on gambling lines and general game predictions. Overall I’ve seen success on my picks, and by success I mean profit. Check out Nik’s Picks, appearing weekly on Last Word On Canadian Football and on Twitter at @nik_kowalski.

Don’t understand any of what’s below? Well, let me explain it all to you!

Latest Nik’s Picks

Hamilton 29 Winnipeg 31

Last week: 2-0
Playoffs: 3-1
Regular season: 52-29

Bet of the week (11-10 regular season, 1-1 playoffs):
WPG ML +150

Personal plays:
HAM-WPG over 52 -110 1u
WPG +4 -115 1u
WPG ML +150 2.5u
A. Harris over 3.5 REC -115 1u
B. Banks over 6.5 REC -120 1u
K. Lawler over 2.5 REC -130 1u
R. Bailey over 1.5 REC -120 1u
M. Jones under 16.5 REC YDS -120 1u
N. Demski over 38.5 REC YDS -120 1u
HAM QBs over 22.5 completions -125 1u
WPG QBs over 16.5 RUSH YDS -110 2u
D. Petermann under 1.5 REC -120 2.5u
D. Petermann under 20.5 REC YDS -125 2.5u
Yes first-quarter passing TD -125 1u
Longest run over 15.5 YDS -140 1u
Coin toss tails -110 1u
National anthem over 70.5 seconds -110 1u

Nic Demski +1700 .12u
Bralon Addison +850 .12u
Rasheed Bailey +5000 .12u
Field (Sports Interaction) +1500 .12u

Last week: 9-3 +10u
Playoffs: 12-11 +6.64u
Regular season: 99–79-5 +12.56u
Overall: 111-90-5 +19.2u