CFL Madness: Round of 4 Recap, Final Matchup

The Round of 4 of the CFL March Madness: Best Player of the 2010s is complete, meaning we’re into the final matchup. If you missed it, here are the important things to know:


  • Regions: Quarterbacks, Canadians, Offence (including kickers), Defence.
  • Players’ seeding: Based on players’ statistics from 2010 CFL season until the end of the 2019 CFL season (July 1, 2010–November 24, 2019).
  • Background colours: Based on the team the player played the most games with from July 1, 2010–November 24, 2019.


  • Twitter:  @nik_kowalski polls. NOTE: Only poll votes count, not replies or like.
  • Facebook: Let’s Talk CFL Facebook group polls created by Nik Kowalski. NOTE: Only poll votes count, not comments or likes.
  • Final vote count determines which player advances.

Round of 4 Recap:

  • 1 lower seeds advanced to the final:
    (4) Adam Bighill over (1) S.J. Green.
  • (4) Adam Bighill is the highest seed remaining.
  • The closest matchup was (1) Andrew Harris over (4) Ricky Ray, with Harris receiving 56.4% of votes.
  • 1 No. 1 seed is remaining: Andrew Harris.
  • 1 No. 4 seed is remaining: Adam Bighill.
  • 1 No. 1 seed was eliminated: S.J. Green.
  • 1 No. 4 seed was eliminated: Ricky Ray.
  • The most lopsided win was (4) Adam Bighill over (1) S.J. Green, with Bighill receiving 62% of votes.
  • Both players in the final are currently playing in the CFL.
  • Adam Bighill received the most votes in the Round of 4 (283).
  • S.J. Green received the fewest votes in the Round of 4 (174).
  • The 2 remaining players are made up of the following positions: 1 running back and 1 linebacker.

Final Matchup:


(1) Andrew Harris vs. (4) Adam Bighill
10 seasons, 9,088 rushing yards, 48 rushing touchdowns, 5,107 receiving yards, 31 receiving touchdowns, 2 Grey Cups, 2 Grey Cup appearances, 5x CFL All-Star, 1x Most Outstanding Canadian.
8 seasons, 655 tackles, 41 sacks, 12 interceptions, 2 touchdowns, 14 forced fumbles, 2 Grey Cups, 2 Grey Cup appearances, 5x CFL All-Star, 2x CFL Most Outstanding Defensive Player.

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