BBCAN8 Houseguest Rankings: Everyone’s Leaving

Jamar Lee and Kyle Rozendal from Big Brother Canada 8. Photo:

These are essentially power rankings but based on my own opinion. These aren’t based on who I feel is playing the best game (although it factors in), but who I like the most and is entertaining to watch!

You can keep up with our draft on the Big Brother Canada page.

1. Hira (1)
Lay low, socialize, and win when you need to. Hira’s doing an awesome job so far and is a pretty solid dark hose to take home the moola on finale night. As long as Hira doesn’t stick his head out for Mihn-Ly in the upcoming weeks, he’s laughing amidst the drama.

2. Chris (4)
Chris is doing a remarkable job of falling into the pack after winning the first HOH, which is no easy job. He’s coming across as nice, genuine, and someone you want to align yourself with. Oh, and he didn’t not recognize his mother this week, so great job overall.

3. Sheldon (5)
Sheldon’s personality was revealed this week and I have a verdict: I’m liking him. He’s innocent on the outside but showed a little bit of nasty by nominating Mihn-Ly and being super direct with his houseguests. Plus he gets to compete in the HOH again this week.

4. Angie (6)
Angie’s educational lesson to Jamar about discriminatory comments was the best moment of the show this week. She brings wisdom to the other houseguests, and it seems like they feel it’s valuable, hence her name not being mentioned as a pawn or a target but many.

5. Brooke (7)
Brooke and Sheldon may become a power duo in the upcoming weeks, which would be crucial in a house with no dominant groups. Playing Devil’s advocate, if Brooke gets too close to Sheldon they could become targets by virtue of being a duo, but that’s not a big deal yet.

6. Susanne (2)
Susanne wasn’t too busy this week, which is a good thing at the moment. She avoided the block and drama in a week that seem to be never-ending chaos, and isn’t on any houseguests’ immediate radar. Unfortunately she had very little TV time this week.

7. Madeline (3)
Madeline’s becoming a prominent houseguest this season, which has its pros and cons. She pulled through in the Veto competition and removed herself from the block, but I worry she’s going to need to repeat that act more than once in the next few weeks.

8. John Luke (14)
As one of the four remaining guys, John Luke’s in a much better spot than he was last Thursday. He’s still not someone you’re naturally going to root for, but his underdog persona may become likeable for the time being. That said, he needs to lay low.

9. Rianne (8)
Rianne was suddenly a target last week but is still in the house, so that’s a plus. She’s tight with Madeline, and to an extent John Luke, but Rianne’s not a thrilling houseguest to watch and doesn’t seem to have too potential, at least in making any big moves.

10. Carol (9)
Carol’s comment about Jamar being in P.E.I. was disgraceful, but at least she had the courage to apologize and make amends with him. She may become a target sooner than later if the HOH wants to calm things down, as Carol would be an easy out.

11. Minh-Ly (3)
Mihn-Ly’s lucky to still be in the house, but her week was anything but lucky. Losing her showmance, Jamar, after calling a house meeting is a massive loss and well, a negative result that usually comes from being in the centre of house meetings. At least she’s entertaining!

12. Vanessa (11)
Kyles right-hand person is not only in an unfavourable spot in the house, but isn’t bringing much to the table in terms of likability. With all the chaos this week Vanessa needs to reset her own game and turn her season around pronto.

13. Kyle (12)
He gone

14. Jamar (10)
He gone, and it’s a shame.

15. Micheal (15)
He gone.

16. Nico (16)
He gone.



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