BBCAN8 Houseguest Rankings Week 2

Chris Wylie of BBCAN8 doesn’t recognize his own mother. PHOTO:

These are essentially power rankings but based on my own opinion. These aren’t based on who I feel is playing the best game (although it factors in), but who I like the most and is entertaining to watch!

You can keep up with our draft on the Big Brother Canada page.

  1. Hira (2)
    Hira was faced with his first taste of adversity this week, and responded with a veto win over houseguests he should have beaten. Hira’s my guy right now, and he’s made some nice connections game-wise.

  2. Susanne (8)
    Remember when Susanne was on the block last week and didn’t seem to have a good chance st staying? Well, times have changed and she’s in a nice spot now while evolving into a houseguest to root for.

  3. Minh-Ly (14)
    I didn’t see Mihn-Ly ranking this high this quick, but I got to give her kudos. She knows her role and is playing it well. She also appears to be “playing hard to get” with Jamar, which is a nice card to have.

  4. Chris (1)
    Listen, Chris should be at the top. He’s an intriguing person to watch and had a successful HOH in my mind. BUT, c’mon man… not recognizing your own mother?!? You’re lucky you’re not at 16 for that.

  5. Sheldon (11)
    Once again Sheldon was a ghost on the show. He’s very quiet, which is odd for a Big Brother houseguest. But besides that, he appears to be well-connected and not on anyone’s radar, which is a positive for him.

  6. Angie (10)
    I noticed Angie listening in on some heavy conversations on the last two episodes and only chiming in with effective dialogue. She doesn’t seem to be an outsider, so Angie’s in a decent spot for now.

  7. Brooke (7)
    Brooke survived the block, which is a plus. This pawn role might become a frequent spot for her and that’s an issue. I still think she has potential to be a killer social player, but she’s got to stay off the block.

  8. Rianne (4)
    Rianne hasn’t had much air time, but she’s still ranked in the middle of the pack because unless I’m missing something, the houseguests are looking at John Luke and Madeline as targets, and not Rianne.

  9. Carol (5)
    Carol’s near self-eviction didn’t sit well with me, but game-wise she’s doing not too shabby. I can’t see Carol finding power in this game, which may result in season-long struggles for her.

  10. Jamar (15)
    Jamar’s somewhat growing on me. He has funny moments, and as long as those moments can outweigh the disturbing ones, he’ll be an enjoyable houseguest. He’s got to be careful with Mihn-Ly though.

  11. Vanessa (12)
    Vanessa’s still lacking TV time, and I’m not sure how she strategically fits in. She appears to be on good terms with most houseguests, but there’s little entertainment value and gameplay from her.

  12. Kyle (9)
    I actually don’t hate Kyle’s sass and appreciate his ability to say what’s on his mind. That said, Kyle ranks so low because there’s slim chances he makes jury with this style of gameplay and his own ego.

  13. Madeline (3)
    Madeline is suddenly in a baaad spot. She took Michael’s nomination extremely hard, and has made it clear that she has no interest in working on Chris’ side of the house, which currently has the power.

  14. John Luke (13)
    Barring an HOH or Veto win, it’s hard to see John Luke not being next in line for a target. I also feel like John Luke wants to mimic BBCAN7’s Dane’s personality, but lacks that charm.

  15. Micheal (6)
    He gone.

  16. Nico (16)
    He gone.


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