BBCAN8 Houseguest Rankings after First Eviction

Chris Wylie of Big Brother Canada 8. PHOTO:
Chris Wylie of Big Brother Canada 8. PHOTO:

These are essentially power rankings but based on my own opinion. These aren’t based on who I feel is playing the best game (although it factors in), but who I like the most and is entertaining to watch!

You can keep up with our draft on the Big Brother Canada page.

Now let’s get to it

  1. Chris (1)
    Since he had to fight for his life, Chris was a prominent part of this episode but maintained my respect. His “my brain is my best weapon” shtick may get old quick, but I highly value someone who can back up their talk with actions, and he did just that in the mental competition.

  2. Hira (2)
    I liked Hira from the get-go and I was pleasantly surprised to find him “in” on the rumours, but was not surprised at all to see him act as a calm listener during Sussane’s freakout.

  3. Madeline (3)
    Madeline’s so going to be in a showmance. Am I crazy to think Micheal and Chris are going to fight over her? She did seem very into Chris, but we’ll see.

  4. Rianne (4)
    Rianne’s another person I liked from her introduction video, and she took it upon herself to create what looks to be a powerhouse alliance. Kudos to you Rianne for some initial gameplay.

  5. Carol (5)
    I found Carol to be much funnier than I antiquated through the first two episodes. She seems like she’s laying low while making relationships too, which is a good sign for her game.

  6. Micheal (6)
    Micheal’s barely been on the show, but he’s landed himself in “The Evictors” with Rianne, Madeline, and John Luke, so he’s got that going for him.

  7. Brooke (7)
    Brooke seems to quietly be positioning herself in a floater who has inside information role. She may not be a competition threat or energetic personality, but she’s destined to go far.

  8. Susanne (8)
    Sussane’s fiery as advertised and seemed to have the votes after some strategic campaigning. She may find herself on the block as a potential repeat pawn, but Susanne’s fun to watch.

  9. Kyle (9)
    I’m not sure how far Kyle’s going to go, but I’m loving his carelessness and ability to snap. It’s entertaining but could be his game’s destruction. Oh well!

  10. Angie (10)
    Angie is a savvy darkhorse to become a power player in this house. Right now she hasn’t seen much air time, so it’s best she lay low for a bit to not make herself an easy target.

  11. Sheldon (11)
    I’d rank Sheldon higher, but I can’t even remember seeing him on the show yet (aside from his introduction). I worry he’ll be a candidate to be a weekly pawn, or even an easy early target.

  12. Vanessa (12)
    Vanessa’s another person who has yet to be featured on the show at all, so unless she becomes an enjoyable watch or wins a competition, Vanessa’s going to rank quite low here.

  13. John Luke (13)
    John Luke was giving me weird vibes, acting annoying and attention-seeking. He may be set up well as far as the game goes, but I think he’s going to be dreadful to watch.

  14. Minh-Ly (14)
    Mihn-Ly… yikes. She’s already ruffling feathers and is to no surprise coming off as super rude and snobby. I don’t think Mihn-Ly will have a long tenure in the house, but nice comp win I guess.

  15. Jamar (15)
    Jamar and Mihn-Ly trying to annoy each other was brutal to watch. Truth is, they’re both annoying and rude. Jamar’s weird, and not funny when I think he believes he is.

  16. Nico (16)
    He gone. Sad way to go out, but I hope Nico’s doing better.


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