Big Brother Canada 8 Draft

We’re back! If you’re unaware, my girlfriend Courtney and I are massive Big Brother fans and have done three drafts in the past years — a Magic Sushi dinner on the line each time. It’s the best all you can eat sushi in Winnipeg for your buck (#nofreeads).

As mentioned, this is our fourth draft (BB19, BBCAN5, BBCAN6). Led by Josh and Alex, Courtney took BB19 71-53. I got my sushi money back in BBCAN5 with a 76-65 win (thanks Kevin Martin) and demolished Courtney in BBCAN6 by a 81-44 score (shoutout Derek, Paras, and Johnny).

Here’s our BBCAN8 draft, and yes, a Magic Sushi dinner is on the line once again.

OH, by the way, Courtney and I are humans, and not dogs. These are our dogs, Willow (Nik) and Darcy (Courtney). Willow’s a faster runner, so keep that in mind when you pick who you to root for.


Courtney took Madeline first overall, an interesting pick as I see her as a floater who may stick around.

I went with Micheal for my first-round pick. I think he’s going to win this season, and given his athleticism and military experience, I think he’ll be a competition beast with a strong mindset.

Courtney’s top four is rounded out by Jamar, Chris, and Angie. Quite frankly, she can have Jamar and Angie as I see the former as super arrogant and the latter as a potential, “well she doesn’t fit in so let’s boot her out first” candidate. Chris would’ve been a nice pick for me, but oh well.

I LOVE my first four. Rianne is definitely a candidate to land a showmance with Michael, while Hira looks wise but fun at the same time with a sneaky ability to win physical comps. John Luke is a bromance candidate for Michael, and as a journalism myself, my bias may have crept in.

The bottom half of the draft is usually where our teams tend to be make-or-break.

For Courtney, Sheldon’s a total wild-card who could run this house. Minh-Ly gave my bad vibes with her cockiness, and I wasn’t a fan of Nico’s whole strategy to lie about being a salesman. If Nico’s saying he’s a cashier, I doubt his wardrobe will reflect that and there’s almost no doubt his salesman bravado will come out. I wanted Carol and should have snagged her in the sixth or seventh round; she may become a leader and a good “take me to the finale because you’ll beat me” person.

Kyle is definitely my late-round steal. He’s super athletic and mature, but may be an early target by the default of his muscles and strong presence. Sussane seems like a fun houseguest/Canada’s favourite type, which is always nice to have. Brooke and Vanessa I’m not sure about. I don’t see them fitting in.

But that’s what happened last night over FaceTime, with both our dogs present.

Nik’s quick predictions:

Season winner: Micheal
Most competition wins: Micheal
Showmance: Micheal and Rianne
Villan: Nico
First out: Brooke
Canada’s favourite: Sussane

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