Media Observations: Dallas Stars at Winnipeg Jets

I wasn’t not going to take a selfie of myself in the Winnipeg Jets’ press box. I don’t care how cheesy this is.

I am typing this while sitting in the TSN 1290 press box with radio play-by-play man Paul Edmonds and colour commentator Brian Munz. This is incredible.

Lupé Fiasco’s Superstar is playing on the loudspeakers while the highlights of the NHL  season play, I’m in awe of this experience that Mikey the producer is showing me.

There are so many people here — especially Stars personnel. Mikey guessed they fly 30-40 non players or coaches per road game. 

I walked down to the Stars’ and Jets’ dressing rooms to set up the mics for the intermission player interviews. Corey Perry walked right by me, or at that time I saw him as number 10 on the Dallas Stars since the number was labelled over top the right side of his chest.

I muttered out “Blake Comeau?”, as Perry being number 10 on the Stars had escaped my mind until I saw his name on one of the right-handed sticks outside the dressing room. I guess because I thought Joe Pavelski changed numbers on the Stars I figured Perry did too.

Turbulence remix first song — not bad, could be better (the story of the entire warmup playlist).

Dallas no helmets: Benn, Perry, Pavelski, Seguin, Klingberg

Winnipeg no helmets: Wheeler, Scheifele

Excited to see 17 with the Grey Cup!!!
Harris coming out gave me big chills

Heiskanen baad turnover to start. I was just thinking he better impress me.

Hellebuyck out here dangling and throwing pizzas.

Laine looks alive, and that’s a real good sign.

Nice play by Pionk just to get the puck on net. Weird one past Khudobin. Makes up for that buzzkill to begin.

I just handed the mic to Poolman for a radio interview. He got a tad impatient. Unforgettable.

Connor’s got to snag that for a bway despite being on the end of his shift.

Khudobin with two breakaway saves in the second.

Connor with the tip on the Morrissey point shot, Connor is electric, Morriseey finds lane.

Filthy stickhandling by Ehlers to set up Morrisey — lucky to be good, good to be lucky


Someone dropped their M&M’s in the hallway to the elevator, very press box like.

I gave Tucker Poolman’s sweaty headset to Andrew Copp, way cooler than gross

This game is lacking an edge for two physical, divisional clubs

Seeing Corey Perry get beat up live may have been the best moment of my internship yet

Scheifele’s underwhelming scoring attempts, one finally goes in 

Dominant win, they say it was one of the better home games this season — my first one!

I don’t want to leave. I’ll be back Sunday!!!

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