Hi, I’m Nik

My friend Drew Labossiere gave me this shirt before we went out to a night club in Regina. He regretted buying it, and I told him the plaid at the bottom is tight so he said keep it. PHOTO: Gabby Piché.

I’m all about hockey, football, and enjoying life. I guess I’m about the Oxford Comma too. Actually, I tend to go back and forth on it, which is the one thing you probably shouldn’t do with your writing style. Anyways..

I’m currently the Managing Editor at Last Word On Sports (CFL), a title I’ve held since December 2018 after joining as a contributor in May 2018.

As a 22-year-old student, I’m starting to dabble into other sports-related jobs, all of which I love. Aside from my LWOS role, I’m currently a sports game day writer for the University of Manitoba Bisons, a sports reporter for The Projector and formerly Blue And Gold CFL. These gigs are all fantastic.

Oh, and I’m also a 2020 graduate of the Creative Communications program at Red River College, which was part of the joint communications degree I have from the University of Winnipeg.

School this year was strange, and that’s before COVID-19 hit. I say this because I played competitive sports all my life. I actually played two AAA sports at the same time for Murdoch MacKay High School (football) and the Winnipeg Sharks (hockey). Don’t say it, don’t be say it…. not a big deaaaal. Now that I’ve aged out of junior hockey, I’ve decided to type my way into carpal tunnel instead of breaking my wrists (I’ve broken seven bones).

I live in a neighbourhood called Transcona in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I bring this up because if you’ve heard of Transcona, you know its residents are either bleeding $3 Sambuca shots or retweeting every Julian Rowan jab at the outspoken, working class neighbourhood. I’m the former; I absolutely love Transcona. In fact, If I continue to live in Winnipeg, I can’t see myself living anywhere else but Transcona. It’s the best area in the city, easily.

As far as who I am, I guess the most obvious thing you pick up is the gap in my teeth. To be honest, I wish I had braces when I was a teenager, but I now somewhat embrace my imperfect teeth. Reason being is I like how it takes me out of the norm. (See, the gap tooth does resemble my personality!) I’m a little on the independent side, and the gap tooth shows right off the bat that I’m willing to go against the grain.

And that’s what this blog is. Aside from me, there’s really no theme. I’m cool with it too, because I’m just going to push out content about things I enjoy.

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